A DX Card is issued to a customer when a sale happens.  (Learn more about DX Cards here) Following steps will help you issuing a DX Card using the Nhance Now Business App

  1. Log in to your Nhance Now Business App.

  2. Tap on 'Dashboard' button.

  3. Click  on the "N+" button on the right top.

  4. Add Customer Name and Mobile Number in Consumer Details section.

  5. In the Product Details section, start by adding the product Model Number.  You can choose the product from the list by feeding relevant model name.

  6. Appropriately fill in the mandatory fields. The mandatory fields have a red dot.

  7. Either attach an invoice by using multiple options or generate invoice using the Nhance Now invoice generator by tapping 'Generate Invoice'.

  8. After following the above steps, tap on 'Generate DX Card' button to complete the process.

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