Business owner can raise a service request on behalf of their customer by following the steps below. Also make sure that you as business owner have been through the prerequisites to successfully manage service requests.

Please note that a service request can be raised on behalf of a customer only if a DX Card is already issued to the customer.  

  • Login into your business account on NhanceNow.

  • Navigate to 'Service Request' link in the left panel.

  • Click  on the "+" button.

  • Enter the mobile number of the customer to which the DX Card has been issued and click on 'Fetch Details'. 

  • All DX Cards issued on products/services to the entered number will be available in 'Product Details' drop down. Choose the product to which service request need to be raised.

  • Select the required 'Service Type'.

  • Appropriately fill in the mandatory fields.

  • Click 'Save' button to successfully raise the service request.

Following image shall give you an idea of how to begin with process of raising service request on behalf of a customer

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