Getting started with Nhance Now is easy and involves following steps:

STEP 1: Fill in the Sign Up Form

 STEP 2: Verify Email
After you fill in the Sign Up form, a verification mail is sent to the email id mentioned in the mail. Click on "Confirm Mail ID" button 

STEP 3:  Set Password
On clicking the confirm email id button you will be redirected to the password page where you will have to submit the password. Type & re-type the same password and click on the Submit Button.

Note: To make password secure we have kept it mandatory to include  an Upper Case, Lower Case, Number & Special Character while adding password

Step 4: Start Account Setup

During Account Setup there are a two modules:

  1. Mandatory (Profile, Master Data Configuration, Product Onboarding,Mobile App Menu)

    2. Optional Modules (Partner, Purchase Configuration)

4.1.1 Update Profile

4.1.2 Master Data Configuration

In Master Data Configuration select the category, sub-category & Manufacturer.  

4.1.3 Product Onboarding

Two ways of onboarding a product:

  1. One Product at a Time: Add product manually. Before uploading prepare yourself with product images, manuals, video, events, custom fields etc.

  2. Bulk Upload through a Sample File

 Download the Sample File and Enter Product Details

Upload The Sample File & Press Import:

Step-5:  Mobile App Menu

Select the category for which you want to setup. Remove the tabs while are not needed in the Nhance Now Mobile through the delete icon.

Click on Finish Setup to complete the process:

That's it, now you can start using the platform.
Next Step: Learn How to configure various Account Settings

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