The Nhance Now dashboard is prepared keeping in mind the business owner needs.  It is quite obvious that the business owner first wants to know how many DX Cards have been issued and how many of them have been accessed by his customers. The DX Card Summary is tailored to easily find these data.  

DX Card Summary has the following data: 

  • DX CARDS AVAILABLE : This value is the number of DX Cards that can be issued by the business owner in the active billing cycle.

  • DX CARDS ISSUED : This value is the total number of DX Cards already issued.

  • DX CARDS ACCESSED : This value is the total number of DX Cards accessed by the customers after they are issued.

  • UNIQUE CONSUMERS : A costumer is identified via his/her mobile number. This value gives number of unique customers to whom the DX Cards have been issued.

To access the DX Card Summary, navigate to Dashboard link in the left panel. Following image shows the DX Card Summary Section in dashboard. 

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