As the name suggests, this report has the data of DX Cards that you have issued. The 'DX Cards Issued Report' facilitates drawing the data between two dates. The following steps will guide you on how to access and generate the report:

  • Login to your Nhance Now business account via Web admin portal.

  • Navigate to 'Reports' in left panel.

  • Click on 'DX Cards Issued' link in the page that follow.

  • Fill the data range by choosing the 'From Date' and 'To Date'.

  • Click 'Generate' to generate the data of all products on boarded to your Nhance Now account between the dates selected above.

  • The report will have the following fields in it -  Consumer Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Product Category, Product Sub Category, Product Manufacturer, Model Number, Serial Number, Created Date, Purchased Date, Status.

  • You can export the generated data to PDF or xlsx format by clicking on Export button and choosing the required format. 


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