The Push Notification feature could be used to re-target your existing customers by pushing your promotional marketing plans, easily & effectively.  Once pushed, the same will be notified to the customer on their phones via the notification drawer.
The following steps will run you through the configurations to set up push notifications:

  • Log in to your Nhance Now account.

  • Navigate to "Campaign Manager" in the left panel.

  • Click  on the "+" button.

  • Navigate to 'Push Notification' and click 'Select' 

  • In the 'Compose' section, feed in the relevant data. An instant preview of how your composition will look in the notification drawer is shown on the right side of your screen.

  • Configure the schedule, i.e., when the notification need to be pushed, in the 'Schedule' section. To send it instantly set schedule to 'Send now'. To schedule it for a different date and time set schedule to 'Send On' and configure the date and time.

  • In the 'User Segment' section, configure your targeted consumers. If to be sent to all consumers, select 'All' else if to be sent to only sent to specific set of customers, select ' Consumers' and set the basic rule with options available.

  • Once all the configurations are done, click 'Save' to successfully trigger the notification.

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