Once a service request is raised by the customer or on behalf of the customer, to take it forward in an interactive manner, the same need to be assigned to a service engineer. The following steps and images will guide you through the process

  • Login to you Nhance Now account (As Business Owner).

  • To view all service requests, click on 'Service Request' link on the left panel.

  • Click 'View Details' link of the required service request to see the details and also to continue to Service Engineer assigning.

  • Opening 'View Details', you could see the input message from the customer. You can respond via the message box and also assign the 'Service Engineer' by choosing the service engineer from the drop down list (Can't find option ? See Prerequisites). The action gets completed by clicking "Reply" link.

  • Once a Service Engineer is assigned, the service engineer as well as the customer will be notified of the same by email and on the app.

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