A DX Card is a card in digital format, issued by a vendor/service provider to a customer, when the customer makes a product/service purchase. The customer can access this card using the Nhance Now application

The naming DX Card, has been evolved out of the phrase Digital Experience Card

The DX Card has the following facilities in it

  • Doc Box : Basically a document holder which will have the invoice, ¬†warranty card, service coupons etc of the purchase

  • Self Service : Has training videos and user manuals related to the product or service purchased.¬†

  • Purchase : Facilitates purchase of accessories, AMC, extender warranty related to the product or service purchased¬†

  • Request : Facilitates submission of service request for the product purchased like an on site demo and installation, general service etc. The request placed reaches the vendor who could help the customer with required service

  • Help Desk : Provides with vendor/product customer care contact information

  • Location : Provides the address of the vendor/service provider(s) with Google Map information

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