• 'Events' are simply product based reminders for end customers.

  • The 'Events' section in Product Management facilitates setting up events that the end customer is to be reminded about.

  • The reminder is sent to the customer on the day, counted from the configured number of days from the date of purchase. The number of days is configured in the 'Duration (In days)' field in events section.

  • The 'Runs at' field is used to configure the time when the customer need to be notified on the event day.

  • The 'Title' field is used to configure the title of the event which the customer sees first. The data input in 'Message' section will be available for the customer on tapping the title.

  • The system has capability to configure more than one event for a product.

  • Examples of events are Quarterly Check up, General Service, Battery Recharge etc. 

  • The additions made in this section reflects in 'Events' section of the mobile application for end customer.

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