To start using the Nhance Now platform, the prime thing you need as a business owner is on board all your products. With the bulk upload feature, you could easily do that.

Following steps will guide you through how to upload products in bulk

  • Login into your business account on Nhance Now.

  • Navigate to 'Product Management' link in the left panel.

  • Click on 'Import' button in the page that follows.

  • In the page that further follows, download the xlsx template by clicking on the download icon against "Sample". You could also download the file here.

  • Enter relevant data in the downloaded xlsx file. To know more on each column in the xlsx file, click here.

  • Attach the saved xlsx file which has the relevant data.

  • Click on 'Import' button on the right top after attaching to complete the process.

  • To know the status of the upload, you may click on "View Log" button against the file you have uploaded in the same page. 

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